Chestnut Value Added Products

Chestnuts rival the major grains (corn,wheat, rice,etc.) in caloric value and nutrient content, only they grow on trees which live for 100+ years! What does this mean? Well, aside from the numerous ecological benefits provided, they also require MUCH less energy to maintain. Tillage is eliminated, thereby improving soil quality, reducing erosion, and increasing the carbon sequestering capacity of the soil. The american chestnut industry saw an unfortunate fade-out in the earlier half of the 20th century due to multiple factors, one being the devastating blight that decimated american chestnut populations across the northeast. Fortunately we’re beginning to see a serious revival in chestnut production not only in Michigan, but across the country! What follows is an article from the most recent MNGA publication on the various VAPs(value-added product) being made from chestnuts.


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