The Fruit Nut is a project started by Trevor Newman dedicated to exploring and popularizing uncommon and underutilized fruiting plants. A key mission of The Fruit Nut is to make fruit growing exciting and accessible to home and land owners while promoting ecologically sound and economically viable practices. Explore the blog and resources pages and send a message for inquires about custom grafting and educational services.

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img_5826Trevor Newman is an avid pomologist, landscape designer & consultant, orchardist, and all around plant geek. A longtime passion for gardening and ecology combined with an enthusiasm for local food systems led him to co-found Roots To Fruits Ecological Design, an edible landscaping and ecological design firm based in southeast MI. He teaches permaculture courses and gives seminars to schools, garden clubs, community groups, and businesses on topics such as homesteading, regenerative design, agroforestry, and more. Trevor is the president of the Michigan Nut Growers Association and co-chair of the North American Fruit Explorer’s permaculture special interest group. He’s also a photographer & cinematographer, amateur snowboarder, cider-maker, and lover of good food and music!

What You’ll Find On This Website:

  • Blog posts with garden notes, case studies, cider reviews, & more
  • Articles about agroforestry, uncommon fruits & orcharding
  • Videos & tutorials on growing & utilizing fruits, nuts & berries
  • Interviews with orchardists, plant breeders, nurserymen & more
  • Links to databases, nurseries & recommended readings



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