Plant Information, Databases, & Associations:

Apios Institute for Regenerative Perennial Agriculture

Plants For a Future

USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository 

Agroforestry Research Trust 

Michigan Nut Growers Association

Northern Nut Growers Association

North American Fruit Explorers 

Improving Perennial Plants for Food and Bioenergy 

KSU Pawpaw Program

Persimmon Pudding

Apple & Cyder Resources:

Grow Organic Apples

Orange Pippin: Extensive Apple Cultivar ID

Dan Bussey: Heritage Apples Presentation

Old Time Cider Blog

Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association

Claude Jolicoeur:  Apples & Cider (DIY scratter info)

UK Cider Wiki

Orchard Supplies:

Peach Ridge Orchard Supply -Source for grafting supplies, orchard ladders, pruning equipment, etc.

A.M. Leonard -Great supply of horticultural tools from pruning supplies to propagation resources and more.

The Felco Store -High quality pruners, loppers, pruning saws and more.

Orchards Edge -Large selection of pruning tools and grafting knives including wide array of Tina knives.

Plant Nurseries:

Oikos Tree Crops -Michigan based nursery that specializes in open pollinated seedling chestnuts, hazelnuts, pawpaws, persimmons, plums and an array of useful perennial plants.

Hartmann’s Plant Company -Michigan based nursery that offers a variety of fruiting trees and shrubs, excellent selection of blueberries.

Grandpa’s Orchard -Michigan based nursery that offers a wide selection of grafted apples, pears,peaches, and plums.

Edible Landscaping -Virginia based nursery was the first to offer hardy kiwi in the states! Specializes in potted fruit trees, berry bushes, and nut trees.

England’s Orchard and Nursery -Kentucky based nursery that grows grafted fruit and nut trees, several varieties of American persimmon, Asian pear, and jujube.

Nolin River Nut Nursery -Kentucky based nursery that specializes in grafted nut trees. Offers a wide selection of Persian walnuts, heartnuts, hickories, northern pecan, chestnut, and more.

Grimo Nut Nursery -Ontatio based nursery that carries a wide selection of hazelnut cultivars, walnuts, heartnuts, hickories, persimmons, and more. Preferred source for hazel cultivars.

Rhora’s Nut Farm and Nursery -Ontario based nursery specializing in nut pines. They carry many species of edible pine nuts, oaks, and other fruit/nut trees.

One Green World -Oregon based company that grows several varieties of fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, and more. Source for hardy bananas and fuki. Excellent quality.

Raintree Nursery -Washington based company that grows several species of rare fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, and more.

Michigan Bamboo -One of the northernmost sources for hardy bamboo. Excellent quality plants are shipped around the country and are available by apmt. at nursery.

Tollgate Gardens & Nursery -Michigan source for grafted pawpaws. Several varieties available, some developed in MI.

Hidden Springs Nursery -Tennessee based nursery carries a variety of uncommon fruits including autumnberry cultivars developed by Hector Black.

Fedco Trees -Nursery located in Maine offers a wide array of fresh eating, cider, and cooking apples, as well as plums, pears, and more. Also a source for vegetable and herb seeds.

Trees of Joy -Small backyard grower in PA offers a wide selection of fig cultivars. High quality.

The Strawberry Store -Offers the widest selection of alpine, musk, and heirloom strawberry varieties, both seed and starter plants. Highly recommended.

Friends & Colleagues: