Video: Eating Fresh Pawpaw Fruit

Asimina triloba, more commonly known as ‘pawpaw’, is a medium sized tree that produces the largest fruit indigenous to North America with individual fruits weighing up to a pound! Aside from their large size, they possess many potent nutritional qualities and have a truly delectable, somewhat tropicalesque flavor. I learned about pawpaws several years ago, and every fall since then I’ve happily indulged in their lusciousness. This season I was fortunate enough to harvest pawpaws en masse from a friend’s orchard, and make the fruit available at the local farmer’s market. A research report will soon be available on The Fruit Nut, which will provide information on marketing pawpaw fruit commercially. Also, check back soon for a series of articles on harvesting pawpaw seed, storing seed, and processing fresh pawpaw fruit. For now, enjoy the video!!!


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